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Created by Mike Spillar


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My Stacker business began about a year ago here in Boerne, Texas.  My shop is located out in the Hill Country and I live with the deer, the birds and Mother Nature out here.  Since opening, my little business has grown rapidly.  I now have Stackers in 7 countries and about 3 dozen states here in the US.  I love the creative aspect of what I do and I’m proud to say that no two products are ever the same.  The shop on this page changes almost daily and is filled with products that come straight from the mind of M!ke.  Much of my business is Custom Orders.  People Facebook me and ask if I can make this or that and I usually say sure I can do that.  I do love making the Gymnastics products, but love helping folks like yourself create something special.  Something that will last a lifetime.

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